DULLES, Va. (WUSA9) — Shortly after an engine blew apart on a Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines flight Tuesday, a Delta Airlines flight made an emergency landing at Dulles International Airport, officials said.

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Around 12:12 p.m. Tuesday, the flight landed due to reports of an issue with the landing gear. According to Delta officials, the flight operated by Express Jet was traveling from La Guardia to Richmond International when it was diverted to Dulles International Airport.

Officials said the plane landed without incident and was inspected by Airports Authority Fire and Rescue.

Passengers and crew were transported to the main terminal and bussed to Richmond.

The plane was being towed from the taxiway to a remote stand for maintenance, officials said.

No injuries were reported and there were no impacts to airport operations.

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The incident occurred on the same day as the deadly Southwest Airlines crisis. Jennifer Riordan was was killed after the catastrophic engine failure hurtled debris into a window, breaking a hole in the Boeing 737.

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A day later, another Southwest Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing after a bird strike in Nashville, Tennessee. Southwest said the aircraft has been taken out of service for maintenance.