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Could toll lanes be coming to the Fairfax County Parkway?

Community comment boards have been lighting up with reactions to the idea.

FAIRFAX, Va. -- Toll lanes seem to be everywhere these days. Could they be coming to the Fairfax County Parkway next? It depends on a survey about one of the most congested roads.

“We are totally tolled out! No.” That's the reaction from one Reston mom.

Herndon resident Christine Hancher says, "Fairfax County Parkway it’s just not big enough and shouldn’t warrant putting tolls on it, we would never drive on it”

Community comment boards have been lighting up with reactions to the idea.

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Jeannine Deem Purdy wrote, "Please no. I pay taxes already and don’t need to be charged more for the opportunity to live and travel in my home town and travel locally. I pay enough now."

And Christopher wrote, "Very bad idea. Wouldn’t alleviate or help any traffic already on there daily."

So where did the idea of HOV or toll lanes come from? The Fairfax County department of transportation. Director Tom Biesiadny explains that it's just a suggestion in a survey to gather public opinion.

There are two big problems with the Fairfax County Parkway: safety and congestion.

It was actually supposed to be a parkway with no intersections, but building all of those overpasses was too expensive.

So, we have 83 intersections along the 31 mile route from route 7 in Herndon to the Route one near Fort Belvoir.

And during rush hour, the intersection at Popes Head Road and the Fairfax County Parkway is one of the most congested in entire state of Virginia.

Construction of a new above ground intersection will soon begin here to fix this problem. But what about the rest of the parkway?

Fairfax County DOT wants public input.

They put out this online survey asking people to rank five suggestions, including HOV lanes and Express/Toll lanes.

Biesiadny wants you know that it’s not all or nothing concerning HOV or toll lanes.

He says if they were ever to put HOV or express lanes there would still be a choice for the free lanes, it would not be like I-66.

The online survey is open until November 19.

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