A confrontation took place Monday afternoon outside a home suspected to be the former residence of a young man named Mohamed Jamal Amin, or Khweis, who just defected from ISIS in Northern Iraq.

Several news cameras were positioned at a townhouse on Kelsey Point Circle in Kingstowne behind Edison High School in Fairfax County. Reporters had been going up to the door, but no one answered.

A man who appeared to be in his 60s pulled up in a black Lincoln Town car and got out. He was very angry and began yelling at the media for taking pictures and demanded that they stop.

Several journalists, including Peggy Fox with WUSA9, informed the man that the photographers and reporters were on public property had a right to be there.

A younger man joined the older man and they identified themselves only as father and son. They refused to answer questions and were very agitated with cameras still rolling and questions being asked. Both men pushed and hit the cameras of five photographers, including WUSA9 photojournalist Greg Guise and CBS photojournalist Lindsey Boerma. Then, the older man pulled out his garden hose and started spraying the group of photographers.

A group of Fairfax County police officers arrived and talked with the men in their home. Afterward, the men appeared calmer, though still upset. The older man asked the journalists to leave again. He told the reporters that he had talked to the FBI and that there was a mistake and that the media are getting the story wrong.

The older man said that the younger man with him was his son, but that he did not know where his other son was.

When Peggy Fox asked if his other son was in Northern Iraq he told her he was, "the dumbest reporter." He also said that his wife does not come from Iraq.