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Police: 12 luxury cars stolen in 26 hours from Arlington dealerships

Police are investigating after three car dealerships in Arlington were all robbed on Saturday, Dec. 14.

ARLINGTON, Va. — Several luxury car dealerships in Arlington are trying to figure out who came onto their lots over the weekend and drove away with their cars.

Three car thefts were reported at three different dealerships on Saturday night.

Eight of those vehicles were stolen from Eagle Automotive and two from Fred’s Executive Auto. Both Fred's and Eagle are less than three miles from each other.

While the third address given by police didn't have a vehicle stolen, authorities did respond.

According to the department’s crime report, there was also a fourth business that was hit just a day before the robberies. Staff with Luxury Auto Imports confirmed they had two vehicles stolen on Friday.

Officials with Arlington County Police said officers are still working to figure out if these cases are connected. But Armo Awadallah, a managing partner at Eagle Automotive ,said he’s confident they are.

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"Oh connected? Definitely," Awadallah said. "They all have, you know, higher-end vehicles as well."

Awadallah said he was notified of the stolen cars after an employee managing the lots returned to work and found several cars gone from their usual spots.

When Awadallah looked at the security footage, he could see several men had broken in and left with keys and vehicles.

Credit: WUSA
The security cameras at Eagle Automotive caught some of the suspects' faces.

"They jumped over desks and all of them just swarmed that room, just took random keys, ran out through the back to where they came from," Awadallah said. "Then they just started pushing all the buttons to turn on locks trying to see which car unlocks what."

According to Awadallah, the missing cars were higher-end vehicles and that some of the men appeared unable to start some of the vehicles in the surveillance video. 

He said they did take a Porsche, but the keys to that car were found at another victimized car dealership.

Police said they were able to find one of the vehicles stolen from Eagle Automotive’s lot, which Awadallah believes had run out of gas. He said he hopes that authorities find the stolen cars, but most of all just warns other dealerships to be careful.

"This just happened to us so it's real," Awadallah said. "Definitely just be aware."

ACPD officials said all of the robbery cases at the dealership remain active and that evidence was collected on the scene.

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