LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA -- Nearly 10 months after learning that Amazon was searching for a new location for its second headquarters, a geographical website has predicted that the best location would be in the D.C. area.

Three D.C. area locations, Montgomery County, Md., Loudoun County, Va. and the District, scored big in January 2018 as possible sites for Amazon HQ2. Now, BestPlaces.net feels confident in predicting the new location will be coming to Northern Virginia.

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BestPlaces is a website that offers information about the best cities to live in, in which users can compare the cost of living, crime, schools, demographics, economy, climate, employment and more.

Located about 40 minutes from Washington, D.C., BestPlaces says the best place for the new HQ2 to take up residency is in Oatlands, Va. in Loudoun County.

Here's the five reasons why BestPlaces thinks the Northern Virginia community is a shoe-in for Amazon's HQ2:

  1. It's not just about business. New site locations look for office buildings, warehouse space and transportation options that fits the business' needs, according to BestPlaces.
  2. It's located on the East Coast. Amazon has a headquarters in Seattle on the other side of the country. BestPlaces suggests that the company would want to expand business to the East Coast.
  3. Political factor. Due to the current political climate, BestPlaces says it is important for the headquarters to be located in a politically friendly state.
  4. Influence. BestPlaces says Amazon would want its new headquarters to be in an area that reflects its influence on economy and culture.
  5. It's close to, but not actually in a "Mega City." BestPlaces says Loudoun County is the best location, because it's close enough to Washington, D.C. to be provided with the city's resources, but also far enough away where the new headquarters doesn't dominate the region.