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Speed cameras go live in Alexandria Monday

Drivers could receive citations of up to $100 in school zones

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The warning period is over. A new speed camera program will go live on Monday in Alexandria. Drivers going over 15 miles-per-hour in several school zones could be subject to fines of up to $100.

Speeding around George Washington Middle School is typical, and crossing the Mount Vernon Avenue is treacherous, according to grandmother Donna Bernstein.

"People will not stop at the crosswalks even if they see a person standing there waiting," said Bernstein. "It’s a little dangerous just because people are not only by the school, but down here where there’s just pedestrians are going back and forth all day, going way over the speed limit."

Bernstein’s fears were echoed by hundreds of parents on school surveys, according to a spokesperson for the city of Alexandria. That’s why these speed cameras have been added in several school zones.

Alexandria City Council approved five speed cameras that have been installed near school zones:

  • Francis Hammond Middle School (Seminary Road, between Kenmore Avenue and North Jordan Street)
  • John Adams Elementary School and Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School (North Beauregard Street, between North Highview Lane and Reading Avenue)
  • George Washington Middle School (Mount Vernon Avenue, between Braddock Road and Luray Avenue)

The speed limit is 15 mph, and drivers have received warning citations since they were installed last month. In another warning period last school year, drivers triggered more than 3,500 warnings for speeding.

"I try to put my foot on the crosswalk making my intent that I am crossing known, and sometimes I do make eye contact, but they just speed right by. So sometimes that’s scary, as well," said neighbor Hannah Songayab.

The speed cameras are well-marked, and they will only be active when speed limit signs are flashing. Neighbors hope that it will make a difference.

"It definitely makes you more cognizant of your surroundings, makes you more accountable for your actions," Songayab said.

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