WASHINGTON — Speed cameras are one step away from launching in the Commonwealth after lawmakers approved a bill to allow Virginia’s first speed camera program.

Speed cameras have been active in D.C. and Maryland for years, but Virginia’s law is going to be different.

Here are three things you need to know.

#1 Strict limitations.

First, if signed into law, Virginia’s speed camera program is going to be extremely limited.

The legislation would allow state troopers to use handheld speed cameras only in highway work zones.

The officer’s cruiser must have blue flashing lights flipped on, and speed camera warning signs must be within 1,000 feet of the work zone.

#2 You got a ticket. Now what?

Just like D.C. and Maryland programs, you will get a ticket in the mail.

The price tag could be up to $125.00.

The legislation explains drivers will only get a ticket if they are clocked going 12 miles over the posted speed limit.

#3 The bill was passed to save lives.

You could say Virginia is behind the ball on establishing a speed camera program.

The District and Maryland have had speed cameras for years.

The push to install speed cameras in the Commonwealth may have come because Virginia saw a 20 percent spike in work zone deaths in 2017.

The Virginia Department of Transportation counted and more than 2,600 crashes in work zones during the same year.

Lawmakers said the program is important in areas, such as Northern Virginia because of the high number of construction projects on highways.

The goal is to cut down the number of crashes and to encourage people to slow down in work zones.