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15-year-old boy with autism shares lifetime supply of peanut butter with furloughed workers

After winning a lifetime supply of peanut butter, 15-year-old Bean decided to give it away to furloughed government employees.

DUMFRIES, Va. — A lifetime supply of peanut butter is even too much for 15-year old, Bean McKay.  

Bean has autism and eats PB&J with an English muffin three times a day.  

“He has sensitivity to food and texture,” said Bean’s mother, Tracy McKay. 

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Lidl grocery chain is giving Bean enough peanut butter to last a lifetime. He didn’t win a contest. This began on twitter. 

Since Bean eats so much peanut butter, his mom bought 72 jars last year.  when they were on sale for $0.78.

They eventually ran out and Bean sent a tweet to Lidl, asking for another sale 

Instead, Lidl sent him 72 jars for free and gave him a challenge. Get 72,000 retweets and the company would provide him with a lifetime of peanut butter. 

Bean got 76,000 retweets. 

Now, he’s looking to give away a portion of his gift.   

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"I like peanut butter. I don't need that much peanut butter,” said Bean. 

He gave it specifically to furloughed government employees. Bean’s dad has been off the job for a month.  

“I didn’t know that it happened for like the first week. I thought he had some time off, but then, he was still on the couch a week later,” said Bean. “Everything kind of sucks, but this doesn’t.”

“I’m proud of my kid. In this moment, he stopped to think about other people. We need more of that in the world,” said Tracy. 

Bean is giving away more peanut butter at the Lidl in Dumfries, Va. this Saturday, from noon to 4 p.m.

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