Will the National Park Service be salting and removing snow on NPS parkways during the partial government shutdown?




Katelyn Liming- Public Affairs Specialist- National Park Service- National Capital Region

LaToya Foster- Press Secretary- Executive Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser


The DMV is bracing for the first snowfall of the year.

Some people are asking whether the partial government shutdown will impact snow removal, on parkways and sidewalks controlled by the National Park Service.

So will many of Virginia, D.C. and Maryland's thoroughfares go unplowed? 

Our researchers asked the National Park Service, who confirmed, yes, they will be treating and clearing NPS-operated parkways.

"During the lapse of appropriations, the National Park Service will treat roads and clear snow from parkways and other commuter routes as needed throughout Greater Washington," Katelyn Liming, a spokesperson for the National Park Service National Capital Region, said. 

The parks department manages 55 miles of sidewalks, 47 miles of roads, 600,000 square feet of memorial plazas and steps, and 15 acres of parking lots in the Greater Washington area.

Some of the hot spots include the George Washington Memorial Parkway, Baltimore-Washington Parkway and parts of Rock Creek/Beach Drive.

For safety reasons, during the shutdown, NPS is also allowed to maintain the roads and fix potholes.

"Crews are completing emergency repairs for large potholes on NPS roads in the region," Liming said. "Several long-term road projects that were funded by previous appropriations have continued during the shutdown."

Our researchers also spoke with Mayor Bowser's office, which has been picking up the slack for the feds. 

Bowser authorized overtime for employees working on unemployment claims and introduced emergency legislation to issue marriage licenses.

The District has also been picking up trash at over 100 National Park Service locations, which has cost $70,000 per week since the start of the shutdown.

So we can Verify, yes, the National Park Service is working ahead of this weekends storm to salt parkways and will also remove snow.