What's the process of recalling food?


Food and Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease and Control Prevention


A nasal spray product is latest addition to the growing list of recalls this summer, especially with food, so just how does the food recall process work?

Our Verify team breaks it down for you.

So first up, the agencies handling food health safety. There's the FDA, that monitors about 80 percent of food we eat along with medical products and the USDA watches out for things like meat, poultry and eggs while CDC monitors food borne illnesses.

As for the exact process on how the recalls are issued, according to the FDA most are done voluntarily by companies once they discover a problem. They then contact the FDA and after the determination by the FDA the recall is then issued.

The FDA also inspects a company's manufacturing process and determines if there is reason for a potential recall to be pushed out. And if they receive health issue reports from the CDC, like a contamination that goes unnoticed and causes illness, those products are pulled.

And viewer Terri Hobson asked us, how do you check the FDA site for recalls?

So once on the FDA's site, search for recalls and you'll be taken to this page where you can see the most up to date recall list, along with a full description of the issue.

You can also subscribe to FDA's weekly enforcement reports to get the latest recall updates.


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