Does Starbucks have a company-wide bathroom policy?


Nope, each store has 'house rules' and it's best to ask a barista.


Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson

Philadelphia Police Department, Commissioner Richard Ross

Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney


Protesters are rallying against a popular coffee company in the streets of Philly, after two black men were arrested Thursday from a Starbucks.

An employee at the 18th and Spruce location called the cops on two black men, who waited for a friend and tried to use the bathroom without ordering.

The employee asked the the men to leave and when they would not, called the police. The police arrested the men for trespassing after asking them three times to leave.

Customers captured the arrest on camera, which soon made headlines.

Our Verify team got to work on what's Starbucks' bathroom policy.

Our researchers found out it comes down to the individual store.

Today Starbucks' CEO apologized to the men but said different stores have different rules.

"In certain circumstances, local practices are implemented," Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said. "In this particular case, the local practice of asking someone who is not a customer to leave the store...followed by a call to the police."

Despite store policy, Johnson says this never should have happened calling it 'reprehensible.'

"Certainly there are some situations where the call to police is justified--situations where there's violence or threats or disruption--in this case none of that existed," Johnson said. "These two gentlemen did not deserve what happened.

Protesters crowded the store Sunday calling the arrest racist.

Many fumed on social media that everyone uses Starbucks' bathrooms, and the only reason cops got involved is because the patrons were black.

The Philadelphia Police Department stands by their decision to arrest the non-paying patrons.

"These officers did absolutely nothing wrong," Commissioner Richard Ross. "They followed policy they did what they were supposed to do."

Philadelphia Mayor Kenney said the incident "appears to exemplify what racial discrimination looks like in 2018." He's asked for a commission to review Starbucks' policies and employee training.

We can Verify, Starbucks' bathroom policy varies by location--the best way to find out is by asking a barista.

In a letter from Johnson , he said the company will work with outside experts and community leaders to understand and adopt best practices.

Commissioner Ross said that less than three years ago, one of their own sergeants tried using a Starbucks bathroom without ordering anything and was told to leave.


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