In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Then the folks at Nabisco said -- Let there be pumpkin spice.

And there WAS pumpkin spice.

And the folks at Kraft said -- We want some of that action.

The whole world's gone pumpkin spice. Are you sick of it yet? Kids at a Baltimore high school are. Somebody plugged in a pumpkin spice air freshener that was so strong, they evacuated the school and called a hazmat team.

But you cannot avoid it.

P-spice at the grocery store.

The coffee shop.

The bakery.

The auto mechanic. OK, maybe not the auto mechanic.

The point is, there are SO many pumpkin spice products out there. And you know what they say: Once you go P-spice, you never go back.

But there's a crop of FAKE pumpkin spice products popping up on the web, too. And we want to help you weed out the phonies.

So let's take a little quiz.

We checked with manufacturers. Time to Verify the bona fide from the bull.

First up -- pumpkin spice Cheerios. That's an easy one. Get the milk. This one's REAL.

Pumpkin spice Pop Secret popcorn. That's real, too. Go easy on the melted butter.

Pumpkin spice Oscar Mayer bologna. Ick! That's a cold-cut made in hell. Not real.

Pumpkin spice Gatorade. Sorry sport, bogus.

Pumpkin spice MaxPro protein powder. Kinda weird, but yes it's real.

Pumpkin spice Greenies dog treats. Yes, Fido. Also real.

Pumpkin spice Skittles. NOT real. Gotcha on that one, didn't we.

Pumpkin spice Doritos. Of course not. That would be a snack-aisle abomination.

Pumpkin spice Wrigley's Extra gum. Chew away, it's genuine.

And finally, pumpkin spice Charmin toilet tissue. Not real. And frankly, that's a shame. That's one pumpkin spice product we could really get BEHIND.


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