What'll it be for breakfast? Let's see... that lonesome bowl of cold cereal? Or that slice of chewy, gooey pizza left over from your Super Bowl bash? You KNOW you want the gooey, chewy.

So what if we told you: Give in!

Pizza for breakfast -- it's actually HEALTHIER! We'd make your day if we could Verify that, wouldn't we? Let's take a shot.

Meet Chelsey Amer -- registered dietitian.

In an interview with USA Today, she said: Pick the pizza, it's the smarter choice.

Well -- the internet could barely CONTAIN itself.

Then low and behold -- a SECOND registered dietitian came forward -- Lesli Bonci – saying the same thing.

A dynamic duo of proper diet -- standing toe to toe for pizza!

So what's their rationale?

They say -- calorie-wise -- the pizza and cereal are about the same. But that SLICE packs a lot more protein. And that PROTEIN will keep you feeling full. Make it a VEGGIE slice -- even better!

The cereal? Not much protein in there. And those flakes? Usually loaded with sugar. You'll be CRASHING by noon.

So -- you soldiers of the sunrise -- go ahead and grab a slice.

We can Verify -- it's healthier than cereal swimming in corn syrup.

Sure, we can agree -- pizza is no breakfast of champions.

There ARE better options. Think yogurt and fresh fruit.

But once in a while -- free yourself. And follow your zzz's with a little 'za.