One-time Facebook donations appearing as 'recurring payments'?


Yes, but Facebook is working to fix the issue for users effected by this.


Facebook spokesperson


You've probably come across Facebook fundraisers on your news feed lately.

But a new viral warning say users who've donated money to charities on a one-time basis, are noticing a "monthly recurring payments" status on their bank statements.

So is this true and something that could happen to you? The WUSA9 Verify team is getting the facts.

So Facebook Communications Manager, Roya Winner, told Verify researchers a glitch had caused one time donations to mistakenly appear as "recurring payments" on bank statements but you'll only be charged once.

Facebook says they're working with banks and their payment processors to get the issued fixed.

You can make sure Facebook hasn't charged you twice by checking the status of your donation in your payments settings, reviewing the payment history where you'll see any scheduled recurring payments.

1. Click or tap Payments.

2. Click or tap Payment History.

3. Check the status of future payments. You'll see any scheduled recurring donations at the top of the screen, including the charity and amount to be donated.

Also, if if you did opt for recurring donations, you'll get an email confirmation each time your card is charged.

If you mistakenly selected recurring donations, click here to fill out this form.

In November 2017, the social media company dropped all fees for nonprofit fundraisers, so 100 percent of all donations go directly to the nonprofits.

And in April of this year, Facebook dropped the platform fee for personal fundraisers. There’s only a small payment processing fee now.

So we verified a Facebook glitch did cause one-time donations to appear as recurring on bank statements, but it's only effected a small number of people and is currently being rectified.