‘No parking’ sign spotted in DC real or fake?


No, D.C. officials say this sign is not legit.


District Department of Transportation


We all know how hard it is to find parking in D.C. and all those confusing signs makes it harder. A picture posted on a local blog takes it to a whole new level.

It shows a two-hour visiting parking sign right above a resident parking only sign with $250 displayed in Northeast, D.C.

People have been asking if that signs legit or if a neighbor just wants a private parking spot.

Our researchers went straight to District Department of Transportation, the agency in charge of street signs.

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Officials told our Verify team the sign is not one of theirs. They also said legit DDOT sign does not have a picture of a car getting towed and no outrageous fine of $250 listed.

According to D.C. regulations, illegal parking in a permit space is $25.

By using Google Maps, WUSA9 researchers found the exact same spot where the sign post. In June 2017, the fake sign was not up there.

As for how the sign got there, it could have been made from using a website like, where you can custom make fake parking signs. Putting up fake parking signs outside is illegal.

District Department of Transportation public information officer Terry Owens confirmed if you see a sign you think is fake, call the mayor's 311 system and they'll take it down.


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