ITT Tech student loan forgiveness ad legit?


No, this is not a guaranteed student loan forgiveness service.


We all see offers online that may look a little too good to be true so that's when our Verify team steps in, like with viewer Joe Duckett Senior. He saw an ad on Facebook for student loan forgiveness for ITT tech students.

"The ad says I can get a refund by filing a defense to repayment claim just wanted to know if you could verify the ad for me?”

He was one of the thousands of students left with loans after the for-profit school suddenly shut down in 137 campus doors for good in 2016.

A search of the number in the ad, brought us to a site called Lifetime Assist, has an "F" BBB rating and several complaints of paying for assistance but NEVER getting any.

As for that consumer affairs logo five-star rating-- A search on consumer affairs site showed no ratings or reviews for the company.

WUSA9 researchers took a closer look at the fine print below, NOTHING on the site means your guaranteed results.

Experts at the Legal Services Center at Harvard Law School and they told us loan borrowers should be suspicious of those call now deadline threat offers, it's not legit.

The Federal Student Aid website explains that certain students MAY be eligible for a type of loan forgiveness called borrower defense if they attended fraudulent institutions like ITT Tech, but so far those borrowers have experienced delays in getting any debt relief resolution.

The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning regarding these student loan debt relief scams ads targeting you online saying don’t fall for fast loan forgiveness, giving your financial student aid ID where hackers could get into your personal information, and never pay upfront for a fee. It’s illegal for companies to take your money before helping you.

Don't count on a refund here with this ad, we can verify false. But not all hope is lost. Federal borrowers looking for help should start with government agencies like where you never pay for forbearance and deferment as options.