Is there a new Facebook algorithm that only shows you 26 friends?


No, this is not true.


Facebook spokesperson


When it comes to sharing, Facebook is one of the best places to get stuff out there. Sometimes what you see is real, sometimes it’s misleading, and sometimes it’s just plain fake. That’s where the Verify team comes in.

There's a good chance someone you know has shared this post; it's been blowing up over the last week. It warns Facebook has a new algorithm, which will choose ONLY 26 of your Facebook friends to show up in your news feed. It says the only way to make sure you still see all your friends stuff, is to have them comment on your post, or repost it themselves or respond to this post with a sticker.

But before you copy and share this post to get ALL your friends back, is it even true Facebook is phasing out some of our friends?

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We got to the bottom of the post by going straight to the source - Facebook. A spokesperson told us, WUSA9 researchers, “Friends don't let friends copy and paste memes, and this one simply is not true. We rank News Feed based on how relevant each post might be to you, and while we’ve made some updates that could increase the number of posts you see from your friends, your News Feed isn’t limited to 25 of them.”

But what is true is an announcement from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg back in January 2018. That's when he posted that Facebook was changing what you see in your news feed, but that announcement said the social media site was trying to spark more engagement with friends and family, and less on public posts from businesses, brands, and media.

Now Facebook does rank what you see in your news feed based on how relevant each post might be to you, and this number is NOT limited to just 26 friends.

So we can verify false this Facebook algorithm only showing you 26 friends is just a rumor.