Is the Zeus virus pop-up message a real threat to your computer?


No this is a scam that has resurfaced.


Microsoft spokesperson, McAfee


Over the past few months’ multiple viewers contacted WUSA9 News verify team, wanting to know if the “Zeus virus” is real.

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From as far back as July to as a recent September people have vented their frustrations about this pop-up screen that claims you need to pay for a program to remove a virus from your computer or it may never work again.

Verify researchers contacted a Microsoft spokesperson about the pop-up message legitimacy of this pop-up message and they said

“Cybercriminals often try to convince people their computer is infected with a phony virus and their services can help fix it. Whenever you receive an unsolicited phone call or see a pop-up on your computer—don’t take the risk—just hang up or close your browser.”

McAfee agreed with Microsoft Chief of Consumer Security, Gary Davis who tells WUSA9 News,

“It's often difficult to know the difference between a scam and malware that may be on your PC. In either case, you can feel like a victim with little recourse. Simply having active anti-virus on your PC, using a web reputation tool that will inform you if you’re about to go to a known or suspected bad website, and being careful what you click on in your email inbox will go a long way to ensuring you won’t be a victim of either a scam or actual malware.”

One woman shared her experience online; she said she was ripped off after a person posing as a technician charged her $199 for a phony firewall program that said she needed for her computer

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Experts say if you do fall prey to this hoax like MaryLinda, you can report the scam on the FTC and Microsoft Tech Support website.