Is this dog bed giveaway deal legit or fake?


This deal is not legit.


Better Business Bureau


Dogs can be expensive so when Audrey Xydas from Lusby Maryland came across an ad on Facebook for giveaway doggie beds, she pounced on it. Especially since one of her pups has arthritis, paying for just the shipping cost of $4.99 seemed perfect. But when the dog beds failed to arrive, that’s when Audrey asked our Verify team to step in.

“I ordered three of them back in December but still haven’t received any of them yet, can you tell me have I been scammed?” Audrey asked the Verify team.

WUSA9 researchers first checked out the Flip The Trend website and wanted to alert you to some red flags that bark it’s fake.

Red flag number 1: No customer service contact number listed anywhere on the "Flip the Trend" site.

Red flag number 2: The supposed charities attached to the sale. We searched online and checked with the watchdog group "Charity Watch" – and there's no proof they exist!

Red flag number 3: The limited stock number and the countdown warning the deal is almost done! We've been to that site over several days and there's always "Just 14 left in stock" and "54 hours left" in the sale

Red flag number 4: All the products with a perfect five-star rating. Researchers wanted to verify those reviews and tracked down one of the alleged reviewers, "Dan," on Twitter using his profile pic and full name.

Dan told us NOPE-- he didn't’ write the review and never even heard of Flip the Trend!

Dan told us that someone stole his pic from a Word Press Blog and he didn't write the glowing reviews and NEVER even heard of the site until OUR team showed it to him.

Tipped off and ticked off, Dan changed that profile pic to read, "Fake Review Trend Is A Scam" which now shows up on the website instead of his headshot.

Just to be sure the deal was bologna, we checked with the Better Business Bureau where the company has an "F" grade, 53 complaints and 39 negative reviews. Not a single person says they EVER got their dog bed.

The WUSA9 Verify team along with Audrey did hear back from Flip the Trend via email. They told us they’re aware of the shipment delay but people are trying their best to fulfill the orders for “dog sofa mat,” another red flag since the business didn't say “dog bed” like the advertised product.