The Golden Retriever Egg Challenge is blowing up on social media. But is this pet trick dangerous for your dog?


A golden retriever named Sookie is a brand new social media sensation. Millions of people have watched this sweetheart hold a raw egg in her mouth - and not crack it.

This started out as one family's way to test the idea that golden retrievers have 'gentle jaws' - from being bred to fetch game in one piece.

Then Sookie went viral. Now oodles of poodles, pugs and Pomeranians are being put to the test, with varying results.

Looks like harmless fun. But some vets are sounding the alarm. Among them - Dr. Paula Parker, head of the Australian Veterinary Association. Parker says the egg - or parts of it - could get stuck in the dog's throat. A major choking hazard. Another concern - dangerous bacteria. That uncooked egg could have salmonella both inside and outside the shell. Then you're talkin' fever, diarrhea, vomiting -- that can spread to other pets, and people.


Bottom line: We know this looks fun. But we also know - you love your dog. And we Verify that this egg challenge DOES carry legitimate risks.

Keep in mind: Scrambled eggs are better on a plate than on your kitchen floor.