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VERIFY: Is a Mother's Day ad warning of child becoming Trump supporter real or satire?

A Mother's Day ad shows a mom drinking her sorrows away because she ignored the warning signs of her son becoming a supporter of Pres. Trump. Our Verify team checks to see if it's legit or satirical.
Screenshot taken from "Mothers Day" published by NextGen America on May 9.


Is this Mother's Day ad showing a mom drinking her sorrows away because she ignored the warning signs of her son becoming a Pres. Trump supporter legit or satirical?


It's real. The advertisement comes from advocacy nonprofit group NextGen, backed by philanthropist Tom Steyer, who advocates impeaching President Trump.


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WUSA9's Verify team answers questions directly from you, because what you see and share on social media matters.

One viewer reached out wondering whether an anti-Pres. Trump video she saw was a real advertisement or a parody, like what you might see on SNL or The Onion.

The video debuted online just a few days before Mother's Day and portrayed a middle-aged white woman downing a martini, commiserating over her son who became a Pres. Trump supporter.

"It wasn't until I met his college buddies that I realized it might be too late," the woman said before the screen pans to a framed photo of White Nationalists marching with tiki torches in Charlottesville.

The viewer who reached out to WUSA9 wasn't the only one questioning the clip's authenticity; across all major social platforms, people asked whether it's satire.

WUSA9 verified the video came directly from NextGen America, a group that "acts politically to prevent climate disaster, promote prosperity, and protect the fundamental rights of every American," according to its website.

The group, founded by philanthropist Tom Steyer, fights for "immigrant rights, affordable health care, prosperity and equality."

In 2010, Steyer and his wife Kat signed The Giving Pledge, committing to donate more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charity during their lifetime or will.

The latest Mother's Day ad fits Steyer's political message: since the inauguration, Steyer has tweeted daily and sponsored ads calling for Trump's impeachment.


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