The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Patricia Hayes - Legacy Health

Dr. Irvin Sulapas - Baylor College of Medicine.


If it's not you, it's a son, daughter, husband, wife, friend--somebody coming home with the flu, infecting the house. Our Verify team is bringing you the fast facts that can help flu-proof your home.

First and foremost - do you need to quarantine that person with the flu?

That's Verified - Try and isolate the infection to one room and one bathroom. Keep their toothbrush away from any others, and when they get better, make sure to get them a new one. The CDC says the flu can spread through breath, too.

Next - should you sponge or towel down your surfaces? That's false.

Experts say the virus can get into those nooks and crannies in a sponge or towel and spread around your home.

“Most basic household cleaners will disinfect a surface from the flu,” says Dr. Patricia Hayes with Legacy Health. Instead, use disinfecting wipes or other things you can throw away.

Next, can the flu creep into your bed? That's true.

Don't share a bed or towels with someone who's sick. The virus can live on those surfaces for at least 15 minutes. Make sure to use gloves before you toss them in the wash.