Do West Virginia students have to make up missed school days due to the strike?


According to the school calendar rules in the current West Virginia code, yes.


West Virginia Legislature Senate Bill 573, West Virginia Code §18-5-45 school calendar


We've been showing you coverage of the West Virginia teacher's strike all week and with every public school in West Virginia shut down, parents are concerned about long term effects this will have on their kid’s schedules.

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Like Verify viewer Heidi Easterday who tells us her kids have been out of school for seven days now due to the strike. When she came across this Facebook about students having to make up missed days due to the strike she reached out the WUSA9 Verify to ask if it’s true.

There's even a petition against the extra school days with more than seventeen thousand signatures already. If it gets the 20,000 signatures needed, the petition could then head to the West Virginia State Senate to encourage lawmakers to get something done.

However, there's already an actual bill, Senate Bill 573, in the senate that would give schools alternatives to make up days. That includes allowing schools to drop five make-up days, the equivalent time to cancel days lost due to school closures. Instead, they could make up that time in 30-minute increments, tacked on to the school day.

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Current West Virginia Legislature code says schools must find a way to reach the required 180 school days even if that means eating into something like summer vacation.

The county board can schedule school on any available non-instructional dates regardless of the purpose for which the day originally was scheduled.

So we can verify yes as of now, West Virginia students would still be on the hook for making up those missed school days.

No word yet on when kids will be back at school or what the shift of the school calendar will be.