Did President Trump allowed the Violence Against Women's Act to expire?


No the law has not expired, but it could lapse if not renewed by Congress on December 7, 2018.






October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and we know how important this issue is in our country.

But a new viral claim has people believing an important legislation protecting women's safety can now be put in jeopardy.

This next viral post gaining lots of social media attention says President Trump let the Violence Against Women Act expire, one tweet from Democratic nominee from New York Attorney General, Tish James, was retweeted over 7,000 times.

So our Verify team looked into whether this really happened or not.

The Violence Against Women Act signed into federal law by then President Clinton in 1994 provides funding and grants towards criminal investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women.

Now the act was set to expire if not renewed by Congress on September 30, but our researchers tracked down this appropriations bill signed by President Trump on September 28 when a section says any program or provision authorized under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act will continue to be in effect until December seventh 2018

So the law will not lapse if it is not renewed by that date.

And two house representative members, Shelia Jackson Lee and Elise Stefanik have introduced proposed bills, one that would have new added measures to the law and the other bill would extend the existing Violence Against Women's Act until 2019, but no decisions or actions have been made by Congress yet.

So we verified this claim is false, as of the now the Trump Administration has NOT allowed the Violence Against Women's Act to expire