Did Kamala Harris sponsor a bill requiring police to call their supervisor before drawing a weapon?


Nope, this claim comes from a satirical article.


Congress.gov- Legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by Kamala D. Harris

Blue News Network About Us page


Lots of people are angry about an article which claims Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) is sponsoring a bill that would require officers to call their supervisor before drawing their weapon.

The alleged bill is called "A Second Chance" and is intended to "preventing police atrocities." 

Our Verify researchers can tell you this article, which has divided social media, is completely fabricated. 

The article comes from a site called Blue News Network, and is a satirical site, according to the BNN itself.

"If you haven't figured it out yet, this is a satirical news website," the 'About Us' page reads. "We are just a few bored cops who thought we would make sport of triggering people..."

To cross-check, we looked at all the bills the California senator has sponsored in 2019. Harris has co-sponsored 158 pieces of legislation, and sponsored 16, so far this year. None of them are called, "A Second Chance."

Senator Cory Booker sponsored a bill called the "Fair Chance Act," but that has to do with prohibiting federal agencies and contractors from requesting criminal history records from applicants before the applicant has received a conditional offer. 

So we can verify, don’t share this article, it’s completely fake.