Can cell phone usage at gas pumps cause explosions?


Experts say this is not likely to happen.


Petroleum Equipment Institute, Federal Communications Commission


Social media is a place where people are always sharing out helpful tips and warnings like this latest one a viewer sent our way about a potential cell phone danger.

The WUSA9 verify team tracks down the facts on these kind of viral claims you see online.

Verify viewer Lashelle Roundtree asked the verify team can using a cell phone at a gas pump lead to an explosion?

Lashelle came across an article that claims a car exploded at a gas station after parents let their kids play a mobile game on a cell phone.

But our team tracked down the original incident that happened in Brazil where a woman was killed in the exploding vehicle, no cell phone usage as the culprit, local reports said it was build-up of pressure inside a natural cylinder.

And a recent report from the Petroleum Equipment Institute who studies the causes of hundreds of refueling fires, said they have no reported incidents of cell phone usage being the cause explosions or fires at gas pumps.

The FCC said wireless industry studies have shown the potential threat of cells igniting flames is very remote and testing did not find a dangerous link between wireless and fuel vapors.

After checking with industry experts, we verified false, cell phone usage does not lead to gas pump explosions.

Due to static electricity, the wireless industry suggests phone users always consult their owner's manuals for information on the use of the phone and should follow all posted instructions at gas stations.