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Recently, worried Netflix users took to social media to share about an email they've received about the streaming service that requests additional payment details to update your billing. The email says if users fail to do so, their account would be suspended.

So is this email claim legit?

We can see why some people would be worried by this threatening sounding email, but not so fast --- clicking on the update account link will take you to a site that asks you to supply your credit card number, address and other personal info-- a big red flag.

An Ohio Police department reported that people who don't even have Netflix accounts have gotten this email too.

Netflix has noted these users should beware of these kind of targeted phishing attempts and remember an official Netflix email will not ask for personal info such as credit card number, Social Security number or your account password.

If you think you've gotten one of these phishing emails or texts, you can forward it to

Also if you've opened a suspicious link and provided any of your personal details, Netflix recommends you immediately change your password and update your password on any websites you used the same email and password for. You should also contact your bank if you entered any payment information that might be compromised.

Looks convincing, but this "validate your payment information" email is not legit.