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VERIFY: Are those Amazon emails telling you to reset your password real?

Are those Amazon emails telling you to reset your password real?


I wasn't expecting this Amazon email to reset my password, is it really from Amazon?


If you didn't hit "forgot my password," the email you got is most likely a phishing email looking for your password, credit card number and more.

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Amazon Help & Customer Service


With the biggest shopping weekend of the year behind us, it's important to protect your accounts from harmful phishing scams, especially those targeting Amazon Prime customers.

"Phishing" is when fraudsters imitate a legitimate business in order to trick people into disclosing personal information or money, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

A recent wave of phishing is hooking Amazon Prime members using an email that requests customers to change their Amazon account passwords.

Amazon is aware of these emails and shared advice on how to identify these emails. Amazon will never ask in an email for customers to provide :

  • social security numbers
  • tax ID
  • bank account numbers
  • credit card numbers
  • answers to ID questions like your mother's maiden name

Amazon also says they will never send an email to reset your password unexpectedly, only if you hit "forgot your password?"

If you smell something "phishy" send the email to Amazon's scam unit at stop-spoofing@amazon.com .


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