The Grammys gift bag.

It's the swag that rock stars snag backstage. Each year, that goodie bag gets bigger. This year, the freebies are worth $30,000.

And our Verify research team is giving you a look at what's INSIDE that swag bag.

More than 60 gifts in all -- a cornucopia of skin creams, perfumes and fashion accessories, to be sure.

But among the more unusual items:

  • An intravenous infusion of anti-aging nutrients (Mick Jagger, you get TWO.)
  • Weight loss supplements (Mick Jagger, you get NONE.)
  • A psychic reading over the phone.
  • Circus training.
  • A rechargeable wireless eye massager.
  • A Wi-Fi pet feeder.
  • A light therapy diet belt.
  • And a handheld steam inhaler. (Cause you can never have enough steam.)

Other freebies sound awfully nice.

  • A week at the Golden Door Spa in California, worth nearly $9,000.
  • VIP transportation to and from the airports of your choice.
  • A custom acoustic guitar.
  • $1,900 worth of teeth-whitening and invisible teeth aligners.
  • Cocktail-making lessons from some of the country's top bartenders.
  • And more make-up and grooming products than you can fit into your bathroom.

So, even if you don't go home with a Grammy, you don't go home empty-handed.