Is video showing Roy Moore speaking Russian, praising Vladimir Putin real?


Yes, we can verify this is true.


The Guardian News Press Office


An advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign tweeted out a video involving controversial figure Roy Moore, that's causing quite a stir on social media.

The advisor, Adam Parkomenko tweeted out the clip December 10, saying the Former Alabama Chief Justice praises Vladimir Putin and speaks Russian the video has since been tweeted out more than twelve thousand times.

But not everyone is convinced this is legit, some people are saying this could just be another incident of fake news spreading

See this "G" logo in here in the right-hand corner? Well it stands for the news outlet, the Their press office confirmed to our researchers their reporter Paul Lewis did conduct the interview this past July.

The press office says interview with Moore was part of the Guardian's Anywhere But Washington series, released in association with a short film in August 2017.

The Guardian also said they did recently put out the shorter clip showing Moore speaking Russian within the last few days. The clip uploaded to the Guardian News YouTube page today already has more than twenty-two thousand views.