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Surprising to no one, the same platforms used to spread credible information is a playground for online trolls, people purposefully sharing misinformation.

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Several people have been transported to the hospital after a shooting outside the National Security Agency campus at Fort Meade, where police surrounded a handcuffed man after a black SUV ran into a barrier.

The NSA confirmed in a statement that a vehicle tried to enter the NSA's secure campus without authorization around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning.

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Sam Hyde is an American comedian. He was not the shooter at the NSA like some are posting.

This is not the first time Hyde's name and photo have been used during breaking news. His meme's created a fandom. His photo surfaced during the Las Vegas, Kentucky high school and Texas church shootings.

To some, posting his photo is a rite of passage, to most, its purely fake news.


In 2015, a stolen Ford Escape took the wrong exit towards NSA headquarters. In that incident two young men were both shot, one fatally.

In that case, cocaine and at least one firearm were found in the S.U.V. Officials said both men wore women's clothing.

Nearly three years later, the information has resurfaced on social media, making people doubt what actually happened today.


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