Do home remedies work best to keep Christmas trees fresh and hydrated?


Experts say just plain old water works best to keep Christmas trees from drying out.


Consumer Product Safety Commission

National Fire Association

National Christmas Tree Association


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Viral tips are circulating online about remedies to avoid having a dry Christmas tree.

So we're finding out if those so called helpful hacks actually work.

On December 6, Consumer Product Safety Commission demonstrated how quickly a dry Christmas tree ignites, so it is REALLY important to keep your tree hydrated.

Also according to the National Fire Protection Association approximately 200 Christmas tree fires happen every year.

Some online claims say adding a water mixture of soda, vodka or even aspirin keeps it from drying out.

To find out what works best, we went to experts at the National Christmas Tree Association.

"We haven't had anything that works better than plain fresh water. I know that's a boring answer a lot of times these other things either don't help or they cause a few problems." said National Christmas Tree Association spokesperson, Doug Hundley.

So we verified, homemade prescriptions aren't the best remedies to keep Christmas trees hydrated.