Did schools in the DMV join a national pro-gun walkout Wednesday?


Nope, an official #StandForTheSecond map falsely identified 10 middle and high schools in our area that were participating in the pro-guns walkout.


Francis Scott Key High School

Urbana High School

Frederick County Public Schools

Sherwood High School

Arlington County Public Schools

Fairfax County Public Schools

George Mason University

Charles County Public Schools


An 18-year-old in New Mexico organized a national school walkout in support of the second amendment to give students who are pro-gun the platform to have their voices heard.

A map on the official #StandForTheSecond website shows schools that were supposedly participating on Wednesday, May 2, and walking out.

Our Verify team, called each of the 10 middle and high schools in the DMV that where identified on the site to fact-check whether students in DMV, in fact, walked out.

Eight of the ten schools confirmed students did NOT protest. From Hagerstown to LaPlata, Fairfax to Chesapeake Beach, no one left class Wednesday in support of the Second Amendment.

Many students across the country DID participate, but it's safe to say the official map on the StandForTheSecond site, is inaccurate.


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