WASHINGTON -- 'Tis the season for getting those gifts in the mail.

One of the Verify viewers spotted an e-mail claiming to be from UPS that your account was about to expire and came to the Verify team for answers.

The WUSA9 Verify team sorts out fact from the fiction when it comes to questionable things you see online.

Viewer Sharon Hill got an email from U-P-S saying to keep her registration active and access services, she's gotta reactivate her account or her registration will expire January 16, 2019.

Sharon, who doesn't even HAVE a UPS account thought it was suspicious, so she asked us to find out to find out if it was legit or not.

Verify researchers contacted UPS and the company has given examples of several kind of fraudulent emails circulating that are actually spam and phishing emails circulating that use the UPS name and brand logo.

They have an example of a My UPS expiration email, just like the one Sharon received, and point out the attached links are invalid.

You can recognize fraudulent emails is by looking out for messages that have grammatical errors, requests immediate action, and does not provide an alternative method for communicating the requested information they need.

So we verified these expiration UPS emails are fraudulent and should be forwarded to fraud@ups.com