She has spent tens of thousands of dollars and invested countless hours over the last three years on a search for a loved one.

Now, an Arlington woman has renewed hope after a recent sighting.

Who is she looking for? Her 7-year-old rottweiler, Havoc.

That's three years of hope, frustration and sheer resolve talking.

Janet Mihalyfi has spent more than $40,000, countless hours, sweat and tears in search of her missing dog Havoc.

But, as you can tell, to Janet, Havoc is more than just a dog.

It's a love that only deepens with distance. Three years ago, Havoc wandered off while they were at Rock Creek Park.

Since then, she's mobilized scores of volunteers to help post thousands of fliers across D.C., Arlington and Montgomery counties.

She's hired tracking experts to track Havoc's scent and installed motion cameras in the woods that have actually spotted Havoc.

She's paid for robocalls urging residents to keep an eye out.

She's hired companies to print postcards and mail them out.

She's even turned to animal psychics.

She has the video proof as well as the many tips she gets.

The most recent sighting was about three months ago near Rock Creek Park, by a woman who recognized Havoc from one of Janet's posters.

It's not exactly a labor of love, more labor for a loved one. And there's more than one way to love. This is hers.

She insists that she doesn't spend her money on fancy cars, clothes or vacations.

To Janet, this isn't about money or time or effort. It is simply about love.