Upper Marlboro, Md. -- Burn attack victim Andrea Grinage was asked to stand in front of a Prince George's County jury Wednesday to expose her horribly scarred arms, legs and torso.

It was a dramatic and emotional moment as some jurors grimaced while Grinage spoke in a soft voice pointing out the damage to at least 70% of her body.

Ex-boyfriend LaQuinn Phillips is on trial accused of tossing gasoline on Grinage and lighting her on fire in an attempt to kill her and her unborn child.

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Both mother and child survived. Phillips is the father of the baby.

In testimony Grinage described how Phillips began the attack by choking her into unconsciousness during an unannounced visit to her apartment September 8th 2017.

Grinage said when she regained consciousness she was on the floor and Phillips was standing over her.

The victim said she had urinated on herself in terror and was begging for her life.

"I was pleading with him that I wouldn't tell on him. I just wanted to go to the hospital," Grinage testified.

She told jurors Phillips finally agreed to take her to a hospital but he directed her into a bathroom to clean up. Grinage said she was in pain and drew a bath while Phillips made threats that he'd sent companions to kill her family and had another companion guarding the apartment with orders not to let her leave.

Phillips then left the apartment while she stayed in the bathroom, according to the testimony.

Grinage said Phillips returned a short time later and threw gasoline on Grinage as she stood naked in the tub, lighting her on fire and then fleeing.

Phillips had also set fire to other rooms in the apartment, Grinage said.

She then testified that she ran from the apartment badly burned and with no clothes to bang on neighbor's doors trying to get help and warning of the fire.

Grinage said a woman from a neighboring apartment building found her outside and directed a companion to call 9-1-1.

The woman wrapped Grinage in a blanket and allowed the victim to use a phone to call family members before first responders arrived.

During his cross examination, defense Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon suggested Grinage fabricated the entire story and set herself on fire.

"LaQuinn Phillips wasn't even there was he," Gordon asked Grinage.

"Yes he was," she shot back firmly, one of the few times her voice was raised.

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Gordon said Phillips was actually looking forward to the birth of the child and he questioned Grinage about inconsistencies in her previous statements in court regarding the couple's 7 and a half year on-off relationship.