When it comes to the best cheap summer vacations, Yellowstone, Fort Lauderdale and Ocean City, Maryland rank in the top three this year according to U.S. News and World Report.

A stay-cation on Maryland's coast is always a good deal for us in the District but some travel deals overseas might be your best bet.

Travel Guru Johnny Jet lives the high life and travels the world with trips to more than 20 countries a year. He posts secret deals on his website often named one of travel's best to save you money.

He said the two airlines to watch right now are Norwegian and Wow.

"WOW airlines flies out of Baltimore. They go to Iceland and Europe and are really shaking up the industry right now," the travel guru explained.

In fact, we found fares for less than what it might cost for a tank of gas to Maryland or Virginia's coast.

If you want to stay a little closer to home, Canada is a great option this summer.

"The strong dollar means everything is like 25 to 30 percent off so it's basically a big sale there. It's also their 150th anniversary and they're letting people go into their parks for free this year as a result of the anniversary."

According to Johnny, the best days to travel are always Tuesday and Wednesday and it's best to avoid traveling July 9. The Sunday after July 4 is expected to be the busiest and most expensive travel day this year.

Also, if you're traveling overseas, Johnny let us in on a secret when it comes to the TSA. He says you should sign up for Global Entry.

"It's similar to TSA Pre-check but it costs $15 more and lasts for five years. It is similar to TSA Pre-check but when you come back from an international trip, you can cruise through immigration and not wait in those long lines."

And Finally Johnny says watch what you pack. "Try to pack everything in a carry-on."

Leave the toiletries at home and just get whatever you need at your destination.