A Northern Virginia woman claims vandals attacked her home because she's a Trump supporter.

After walking outside last Wednesday to investigate what she thought was just a few missing Trump signs, Judy Beaty says she found the message “Can you see the new world through tear gas?” spray-painted on her house.

Beaty says she also found a crow bar planted into the ground next to one of the graffiti messages. Prince William County Police confirm they are investigating the incident, but Beaty says the aggression towards her persists.

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“I felt very violated. I’m scared, I can’t sleep,” said Beaty, who tells WUSA9 that people have come by and yelled at her on several occasions. “Feel the Bern” is one of the statements she says she heard shouted.

“Donald Trump would be good for this country, he would be good for this economy because he is a true businessman,” Beaty, who runs her own business and works with contractors, said.

WUSA9 did read a few of Donald Trump’s comments to Beaty and asked whether his words have contributed to the growing aggression and violence surrounding his campaign. Does she think he needs to tone it down?

“I guess he says if he’s going to shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, yeah,” said Beaty, “but you know, he’s just – I think sometimes he over speaks.”

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“I didn’t mean to do anything other than put three signs on my lawn, which I’m entitled to do, and you know, to live happily ever after and vote for who I want to vote for and not have somebody try to tell me who to vote for,” said Beaty.

“No matter who you support or oppose for president, the use of intimidation and vandalism against supporters of any candidate is absolutely wrong and should be condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike,” wrote Virginia GOP Chairman John Whitbeck.

Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker wrote, “Political vandalism is deplorable and it has no place in the Commonwealth. It is our hope that the perpetrator is brought to justice in a timely manner. Leaders in Virginia must reject and condemn the harmful rhetoric and violence we've seen this election cycle."

Police say no suspects have been identified in the spray-painting incident. No arrests have been made.