Donald Trump is now slamming the media, accusing a global power structure of corporations, the Clinton campaign, and big journalism of conspiring against him.

Clinton supporters have their own complaints -- that the former reality show host has gotten a disproportionate share of attention.

It's hard to know how any media outlet can thread the needle and satisfy everyone in the final weeks of a presidential campaign that may be the most polarizing ever.

In front of rowdy crowds in Ohio and Florida and North Carolina, Trump laid into the media outlets that have both built him up and undermined his rise.

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“Our media is sick,” he said. “And it’s making our country sick. And we will stop it.”

He told supporters the allegations by multiple women that he’s groped them are orchestrated by “the Clinton campaign and their media allies.”

The conspiracy theory builds on a long love-hate relationship between the Trump campaign and journalists.

Hillary Clinton told her supporters, “If we do our jobs, in 26 days, Donald Trump will stop being in the news every single day.”

The divisions have exploded on the WUSA9 Facebook page. We asked what the campaign should do about the groping allegations.

Eric William sees things differently: "Trump supporters think everything is against them, but when you are against basic facts, that tends to be the case."

Some of our Facebook fans have complained that they’re getting too much negative news about their favorite candidate. But they should keep in mind that Facebook now tweaks its news feed based on what you and your friends like and look at.

So if you look at a Trump story, Facebook will deliver more of them, even if you want to hear about Hillary.

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