Many people have wedding day jitters but proposal day jitters are just as real. If you plan on proposing to your sweetheart soon here are 7 things to consider to create the perfect proposal.

1. What setting do you want to create?

Think about the setting you want to create. Is this going to be a surprise? Do you want family and friends to be around? Do you want it to be public or private?

Think about what style you want. Romantic, creative, simple or out of the box?

2. Location, Location, Location!

Our area is very scenic. For public space here are some ideas in DC DC locations:

National Gallery Sculpture Garden, Georgetown Waterfront, Capital Wheel, National Mall – Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, Newseum, The Capital

3. Who should be there and who should be surprised?

Who should be there? Maybe you want it to be just the two of you but would your partner want families and friends to be there? Is the surprise for everyone or just your sweetie and everyone is in on it?

4. Be sentimental

Think about something that is sentimental to the two of you that you want to incorporate. Perhaps it is puppy you both got. Or, are you blending families? Maybe you can recreate your favorite movie scene.

5. Jot down key phrases and practice gestures

Practice with a friend or in the mirror. Don't wait until you are at your location to utter the words, "Will you marry me?", for the first time.

6. Timing is everything!

If the locations are more in a public area, research to see what is going on that day and time of day. Do you want a sunrise, day or evening? Will there be a lot of people around?

7. Document the moment

Having a Photographer and or Videographer. The proposal is just as exciting as the engagement and wedding day. Whenever you can, document!

Be creative and think about things that will make the biggest impact for your partner. If you know your partner is private and would not react well to a full show in front of others, make it a private event. Now do we hear wedding bells?

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