WASHINGTON -- Have you ever wondered: Who are the people behind the field at Nats Park? It's more than just a collection of D.C.'s best grass cutters. The men and women behind the baseball field in Navy Yard are some of the most elite baseball and turf management experts in the game. 

Washington Nationals head groundskeeper John Turner is like any other baseball veteran. He started in the minors. He's been tapped to work for a few different major league teams until he hit his stride with the Nationals.

"There's a lot of pride that goes with it," Turner said, talking about his field. "We're a passionate group there are folks working on the field day in and day out."

Turner said grounds crews cut the field several times a day during game weeks. The idea is to make the field as smooth enough for the players as possible. 

But, the real tense time comes during rain delays.

Turner said it's a year round process. He keeps his eye on the weather patterns and works on the field, accordingly.