MANASSAS, Va (WUSA9) -- It's a case that sparked outrage around the world... and a Manassas teen has just sued the prosecutor and the police detective who hounded him.

The investigator took pictures of the teen's penis... and threatened to have him injected with a drug so he could photograph his erect penis.

All as part of a sexting investigation.

And one of the things that's really crazy is that the detective at the center of this lawsuit was later accused of sexually abusing teens himself -- and committed suicide.

The teen is too embarrassed and humiliated to talk about this new federal lawsuit, which alleges the officer and prosecutor went way too far and violated his civil rights.

But his lawyer had plenty to say.

"The police (were) out of control. And the prosecutor (was) out of control," said Victor Glasberg.

This all started, he says, as a common teens' game of you show me yours and I'll show you mine. Then 17 year old Trey Sims had a 15 year old girlfriend. She texted him explicit, nude photos of herself... and in response, Sims sent her an explicit video he made of himself.

"To deal with it as something that's categorized as a felony, as something that will get you listed as a sex offender, that is totally over the top. It's brainless," said Glasberg.

No charges for the girl, but after her mother found the video, Prince William County Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Claiborne Richardson charged the boy with felony manufacture and distribution of child porn -- the video of himself.

Sims turned down a plea deal, and the authorities went after him....

Taking him to juvenile hall... photographing his penis... forcing him to touch and position his penis for the pictures... something the lawsuit says amounts to creating child porn to prove child porn.

They then threatened to take him to a hospital to give him an erection producing injection so they could compare that to the video.

And here's where things turn really strange. David Abbott, the lead detective who tormented Sims, killed himself in December as police were about to arrest him for allegedly sexually abusing two teenagers he coached on his youth hockey team.

Glasberg alleges in the lawsuit that in photographing Sims, Abbott was "simply gratifying his own perverse pleasures." "The connection there seems clear," he said. "Particularly when he's telling this 17 year old kid to drop his pants and hold his penis this way and that way. That's weird. That sounds a bit sick to me."

Trey Sims should be in college now. But what college would look at a senior accused of child porn? He's working now, and hoping to go to college later.

Sims is suing the estate of Detective David Abbott. But the lawsuit says explicitly that if Manassas' insurance fails to cover the damages, he will not go after the detective's heirs.