WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Have you ever wondered who uncovers the fossils at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum? Or how they are put on display? This week we got an inside look at the preparation of fossils, as the museum gets ready to reopen the Hall of Fossils this summer.

The process starts at archaeological dig sites across the country. Some of those include sites in our backyard. Paleontologists dig through the earth to find fossils. They are usually encased in mud or silt.

The specimens get brought back to the Natural History Museum and worked on in the basement.

That is where we found Paleo-biologist Steve Jabo. Jabo is one of the many scientists working on the Hall of Fossil project. Part of his job is to prepare the fossils for display. He and his team uncover the bones. They recreate missing pieces of the fossil. Ultimately, they prepare the fossils to be put on exhibit.

All their work is aimed at paying off when the exhibit opens June 8, 2019.