Takoma Park Police say a group of young women assaulted a mother outside of a daycare early Monday morning.

Authorities say it happened near the intersection of Willow and Tulip avenues at 7:59 a.m.

The victim told police she was in her car when she was approached by six to seven other women. She said the youngest woman in the group asked her for directions to the closest Metro stop.

According to police, the woman then noticed that one of the women in the group had tried to unlock the rear passenger door of her car in order to take a bag. Police said at that same moment, the woman who had asked for directions to Metro then began to assault the driver with a TASER.

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The driver told police a witness eventually came to her aid. Police said the driver did not suffer serious injuries.

Five female suspects in the case were soon taken into custody in different parts of the neighborhood.

They include:

  • Tia Williams, 18, of Suitland
  • Mishia Williams, 18, of Landover
  • Bernadette Williams, 18, of D.C.
  • Iyarner Taylor, 18, of D.C.
  • A 17-year-old girl also was arrested, but police say she has since been released into the custody of a parent.

The suspects were arrested for 1st and 2nd degree assault, attempted carjacking, disorderly conduct and conspiracy to comit the aforementioned offenses.

Takoma Park Police said two other female suspects may still be on the run.

Terry dela Santa, director of the Takoma Park Child Development Center, told WUSA9 the driver had just dropped off her children at the daycare minutes before the assault occurred.

"I'm so glad that her children did not see what happened," dela Santa said.

She said the neighborhood has also experienced some car break-ins recently. dela Santa said a community meeting is being planned with police and the mayor to talk about crime in the neighborhood.

"We are opening it to the neighborhood, members of the church, as well as the childcare families and anyone else who is interested in coming," she said.