Students in Montgomery County walked out of school for the third day Wednesday to protest the election of Donald Trump.

Three separate protests were organized throughout the county by students -- one in Rockville, another in Colesville and another in Germantown.

Blake, Springbrook and Paint Branch high school students walked out again on Wednesday to protest election results.

Hundreds of students stopped traffic as they made their way from their respective high schools in Montgomery County miles away to M.L.K. Jr. Park in Silver Spring. Students said they know their protest won't change the results of the presidential election, but they wanted their voices heard.

"We really wanted the march and rally to be pro-love and anti-hate instead of a focus on the president-elect," Olivia Plihal said.

Plihal is one of the organizers of the protests.

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Hundreds of students from Montgomery County Public Schools and DC Public Schools walked out of school on Monday and Tuesday to unite and protest against president-elect Trump.

Students from Richard Montgomery High School, James Hubert Blake High School, Springbrook High School and Paint Branch High School are all continuing the trend Wednesday. All of the schools belong to the Northeast Consortium in Montgomery County Public Schools.

"It hurts a lot knowing your family is in danger of getting deported by a guy who has no political background," said Renee Sosa, whose parents are from El Salvador.

The marchers left Springbrook High School around 9:45 a.m. Marchers yelled messages like "Love trumps hate!" and "Love will win!"

"I'm here to protest xenophobia, racism and homophobia that is inside this country," Raina Ibrahim shared.

Students met near the Colesville Center and then marched together at Colesville park for a rally with poems, speeches and songs. Richard Montgomery High School is rallying separately.

Plihal said the know they can't change the results of the election.

"In regards to us being too young and not being able to vote and we should be in school, this is our vote," Plihal said.

Montgomery County Public Schools said students who did not go to class today will not be excused unless their parents send in a note.

"We came here today to stand in unison and show we are stronger together than apart," Noor Alsulaihat said.