A decade of planning for a new FBI headquarters is up in smoke after the federal government canceled the move.

"The big losers, unfortunately, are the FBI employees," said Jeff McKay, Fairfax County Lee District Supervisor, who has been working to bring the new headquarters building to Virginia. "They're in a crumbling facility. The conditions are deplorable. They need to be relocated."

The Virginia location was one of three under consideration after an intense lobbying and bidding process from local and state officials and private businesses. The other locations were in Greenbelt, Md. and Landover, Md.

"You have a private sector that has expended millions of dollars in planning and investigations to put in bids. When you just cancel this with no credible reason or explanation, it will have a chilling effect on the private sector who want to partner with the federal government on projects like this in the future," McKay said.

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An old General Services Administration warehouse on federally owned land was seen as the ideal spot by Virginia leaders because it's near the Springfield Metro Station and I-95 and close to other federal defense entities, such as the CIA and Quantico. Plus, the land did not need to be purchased.

McKay said the move appears to be resemble other attacks on federal workers by the Trump Administration, which could deteriorate the government workforce.

"He's so busy bashing everybody that you just take your chance on whether it's your turn," federal worker Susan Meyer said about President Trump. "We work hard. I don't care what anybody says, we work hard."