One man embarked on an incredible search for the father he never met. Two years ago, Lamar Carter turned to social media in a desperate effort to find the man whose name and location he didn’t know.

Lamar Carter shared his two year journey exclusively with Andrea McCarren. She used every journalistic tool she could find to track down Lamar’s father and exhausted countless leads across the country. She didn’t even know if he was still alive. But DNA testing gave Lamar a definitive answer.

Two years ago, when the search began, Lamar Carter was an employee at Howard University.

With the help of Anthony May, Lamar found out that Mark Shumate is his father. He received an email with DNA test results.

Those test results end an emotional two year journey that began with a poignant Facebook plea.

"It’s bigger than just finding a Dad," said Lamar. "It’s finding a family, it’s finding a legacy. It’s writing another chapter of my story."

Lamar’s story began in 1986 when he was born to Yvette Marie Carter in Newark, New Jersey. His mother died of AIDs at the age of 24. He was just two years old.

"I may get married soon. I may have kids soon. Things like that need to be shared with family. So that’s all I really want. To see him. To hug him. To tell him what he missed," said Lamar in 2015.

WUSA9's Andrea McCarren spoke with Lamar’s father Mark and he is thrilled to meet his son. A son he never knew about.

“It’s just amazing and overwhelming. I’m so grateful," said Lamar's father.

Lamar now lives in California and his Dad is in New Jersey, so they’re planning a reunion as soon as they can.

Lamar also credits Angela Trammel and CeCe Moore in the online genealogy community. They put him on a path to use DNA in the search for his father and even donated the kit that led to the breakthrough.