A North Potomac man says he's upset that his 92-year-old father was frisked for what felt like eight minutes at the Charlotte airport Sunday night.

Daniel Laibstain says that his father uses a wheelchair sometimes to get around and was chosen for a random drug screening. He says his father was traveling to the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

When the elder Laibstain's palms were swabbed, it gave a false-positive and that's when the frisking began.

Laibstain says the TSA agents were respectful, but still thought the frisking was completely unnecessary. After voicing his complaints, that's when Laibstain got out his cell phone.

"I was pissed. I was really upset. At that point, the TSA agent told me to get back so I got my cell phone out and filmed two-three minutes of another five minutes when they frisked my father head to toe," said Laibstain.

The 92-year-old was shortly allowed to go to his gate where he went on to Norfolk, Va.

On Monday, WUSA9 asked TSA if the pat down was appropriate. TSA responded saying that it screens all passengers, even ones in wheelchairs.

In April, a gun was concealed in a wheelchair. TSA provides a special hotline also for those with disabilities or medical needs. Still, Laibstain would like an apology and more accommodation for elderly passengers.


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