Upper Marlboro, MD — UPPER MARLBORO, Md. -- Accountability, transparency and the truth are what an attorney says the family of a slain Prince George’s County officer is seeking.

The parents of fallen Detective Jacai Colson filed a $75,000 lawsuit against the county and PGPD Ofc. Taylor Krauss earlier this week. On Thursday, Colson’s two parents stood behind their attorney as he discussed the lawsuit with journalists.

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“Reckless” and “negligent” were the words used to describe Krauss.

“Do we want our officers shooting at people that they cannot see?” said attorney Jason Downs.

The lawsuit slammed Krauss’ actions as negligent on the day of the ambush where Colson died of friendly fire.

It all happened on March 13, 2016. Police say Michael Ford opened fire on District III in Palmer Park, MD while his brothers recorded the shooting on their cell phones.

Det. Jacai Colson, a 28-year-old plain-clothed Narcotics Detective, drove up towards the station as shots rang out. Police say he shot at Ford.

WUSA 9 was told it was his heroic actions that distracted Ford and allowed officers to finally close-in on the suspect.

In the midst of this, Ofc. Tayor Kruass grabbed his service rifle. The lawsuit says he fired shots from behind a fence that obstructed his view. It also claims Kraus fired his service rifle from some 35-80 yards away at someone who did not match the suspect description.

Downs says the suspect description given over radio was for a heavy set black man in all black with dreadlocks.

“We’re not in a position to talk about race. These actions were reckless right now,” said Downs.

The response:

“We believe that there has been 100% transparency and that they have shared everything we have,” said John Erzen, the Spokesperson for the Prince George’s County’s State’s Attorney’s Office.

Erzen says all of the evidence was handed over to a Grand Jury, who decided not to charge Krauss.

"We believe it was Michael Ford who was responsible for Ofc. Colson’s death because had he not been there that day shooting at the District III station, the officers who responded and cars that were driving by, Ofc. Colson's death would not have happened,” said Erzen.

Michael Ford faces life behind bars. His trials starts on October 22, 2018.

Both his brothers have already pled guilty to charges that include Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Second Degree attempted murder. Erzen tells WUSA 9 they won’t be sentenced until the end for Michael Ford’s October trial.