Metro riders gathered Tuesday night to say never okay, but sexual harassment on trains and buses happens too often.

“I think every woman has felt in danger at some point or another,” said Jennifer Hosey of Action Committee for Transit. The Montgomery County group held a small meeting in Silver Spring about an issue they say has become too big. Last year, one in five Metro riders surveyed said they were harassed. Personal stories are being complied with an Instagram account called “I Was on Metro When.”

"It's especially important for women to make sure that they're safe when they're taking trains,” said Jane Lyons, another member of the group who said much of the burden falls on WMATA.

The ideas range from better lighting in stations to changing the design of railcars so you can walk from one car to another. “You're not stuck in one part of the train if you don't feel safe,” said Ronit Aviva Dancis.

Metro is trying to deal with the issue. There are posters, employees are getting trained to intervene, and new public address announcements are about to be rolled out.

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“This system belongs to all of us,” said Dancis. “We should all feel safe all the time.”